J.Mac Essentials

Skin Care and Beauty Products

Our Philosophy and Vision

The advent of the 21st century centralizes towards highly industrialize global technology. This industrialization brings about several advantages and quicker solution. However, along with these advantages brings out a lot of disadvantages as well. The use of hazardous synthetic and harsh chemicals that are readily in disposal is very much in demand among the fast rising cosmetics and skin care industry that aims for a quicker and faster turnover of production and demands.

It is with this in mind that J.Mac Essentials Skin Care and Beauty Products has been conceived. We believe in the importance of feeding the skin with healthy super food ingredients that are plant-derived and organically grown.

Our holistic approach to skin care reflects a balance between science and soul,

and is an extension on how we see the world around us; using the knowledge from medical and scientific practice and research with ancient natural principle that stood the test of time.

So, we have developed and formulated products (a guilt free formulation) from a certified organic ingredients with the goal of not just feeding the skin and making it look beautiful on the outside but by also feeling beautiful and guilt free within.

The revitalizing benefits of botanical extracts, gentle healing herbs, natural scents of flowers and distillates creates a skin care range inspired by nature to enrich the skin and calm the soul.

We should always be mindful and aware of what we use on our skin, as this is the largest organ of our body and a major contact surface with the environment that connects from our physical to emotional well-being.

Therefore, we encourage environmental friendly awareness and practices contributing to the longevity and sustainability of our planet earth in and our very own well-being. And in our case, this is best attained by patronizing Purely Organic in our personal skin care and beauty products.

This philosophical approach serve as our motivation to severe full organic and eco-certification for our main products, although some of our products are medically formulated with a gentle scientific approach for clinical and dermatological purposes.

NOTE: J.Mac Essentials skin care and beauty products is not tested on animals and our packaging are fully recyclable.

Our Mission

Is to combine knowledge from both nature and science in a unified manner to a skin care range,  free of harsh chemicals, supports environmental friendly practices but in the same time rich in  elements of nature that are beneficial to body, mind and soul.

J.Mac  Essentials is the result of our commitment to producing and creating a skin care line of the highest quality, ethics and respect for the gift of life, good steward of the environment we live in and the goal to provide a compact knowledge in the approach to skin care organic products.

J.Mac Essentials is highly passionate about our own products and we would like to be known as a Natural Organic Company that manufacture a skin and soul friendly skin care line by merging ancient wisdom with knowledge gained by scientific and medical research to maximize the full benefit to our skin regimen.

J.Mac Essentials would like to be known as a company that pampers the skin with the use of super skin foods that is Pure, Safe and Honest in Nature; because we believe that beauty is not attained overnight, nor there is a quick fix to beauty. Like our body, our skin deserve only the best skin foods that will nourish and best pamper it

…because we also believe that we can be Naturally  Beautiful and Safe. Forever!

By: J.Mac Essentials